How You Can Practice Yoga Outside The Yoga Studio

How can we take the time to practice yoga when there are so many things to do in a day?

Fortunately, yoga isn't restricted to the yoga mat and the yoga studio!

It can happen anywhere, anytime.

Instead of thinking “I don’t have time for yoga today”, open your mind and ask the question:

“How can I practice yoga today?”

Or as we like to say, "think off the mat."

  • Rise 15 minutes early to meditate
  • Spend time outside grounding yourself to the earth
  • Complete tasks like dishwashing, eating meals, or walking to your car mindfully
  • Read an article about yoga
  • Listen to a yoga podcast and share it with a friend
  • Take a moment or two throughout the day and center yourself with your breath
  • Stand in Mountain Pose (Tadasana) in the grocery store or waiting in line anywhere
  • Practice a favorite pose and a new pose today, at home
  • Practice an active pose and a passive pose today, at home
  • Be still and listen to your inner self and let go of outside stresses and anxieties
  • Speak up with kindness and honor your needs in the present moment
  • Include others in your yoga practices on and off the mat

Every day is an adventure. Be flexible and reach out to the challenge!