Yoga Mats, Props & Gifts

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In-person, curbside pickup or home delivery.

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Pick your color & thickness!

Yoga Mats


Pick your favorite color from our assortment of thin and thick top-quality Hugger Mugger mats or eco-friendly Jade Yoga mats.

$32/thin Hugger Mugger mat

$42/thick Hugger Mugger mat

$75/Jade mat

Patterns & Solids Available



Choose from floral, botanical, nature, abstract and solid patterns in these well-made Inner Space Yoga bolsters.


Pick your color & length

Yoga Straps & Blocks

block and straps

The basics of yoga props that every student needs.

$13/8' purple belt

$14/10' teal belt

$ 17/block

Pick your color & size!

Eye Bags

eye bags boutique page

Two sizes/weights options based on your personal preference.

$13/tiny eye bag by Gwen

$18/large eye bag by Hugger Mugger

Coordinate to the rest of your props

Yoga Blankets

blankets boutique page

Blankets for every student for seated poses, shoulder stand pose, and relaxation poses.  


Various designs available

Mat Harness Carrier

mat slings boutique page

An easy way to carry your mat to the studio and not let it unroll in your car.  By Hugger Mugger.


Make your hands and feet feel great

MELT Method Ball Kits

melt kit boutique page

MELT Method Hand & Foot Treatment Kit.  Each kit includes 4 balls.


Sometimes a regular chair just won't do

Yoga Backless Chair

backless chair boutique page

Provide us a folding chair & we will knock out the back and sand the edges to create a yoga chair.


Practice on the go

Home practice audio CD/MP3

audio cd boutique page

Titles available:  Beginner Level, Chair Yoga, Chakra Sun Salutations, Power Yoga, Arms & Abs, Morning & Evening, and Yoga Nidra.  Most include 2 sequences.  Can send you MP3 version instead of CD if you wish.


Soap & Skin Care Products

Soaps, body butters, and scrubs by Hippie Chick Goods

hippie chick boutique page

These are the products that Jessie makes.  They are handmade, preservative-free; made in small batches with limited ingredients.  


Stop the Slip

Toe Sox

toe sox boutique page

Toe Sox designed just for yoga to keep your feet warm and prevent slipping: these socks have grippers on the bottom.  Sizes S-M-L.