Yoga Wall!

Yoga Class in Down Dog on Yoga Wall
Yoga Class in Down Dog on Yoga Wall

The yoga wall is one of THE best yoga props available. It helps you maintain your balance, move deeper into poses, physically experience what ideal alignment feels like, and best of all, it’s basically a yoga playground!

We’ve installed twenty three Yoga Walls at Sunrise and have regular Yoga Wall classes, open to all levels.

Read the Yoga Wall class description and check the schedule for our next Yoga Wall class.

What Is A Yoga Wall?

Yoga Class Twist on Yoga Wall Bar

A Yoga Wall is a clever system of spring-loaded attachment points securely mounted in the wall. These attachments points connect to adjustable straps that accommodate every height and body type. Yes, we’ve even had football players hanging upside down on the Wall!

As the Great Yoga Wall notes, “The principle behind the Yoga Wall has been around for decades, originally designed by BKS Iyengar in the form of ropes attached to wall hooks to assist students in various yoga asana (poses).”

The support of the Yoga Wall in training ultimately allows poses away from the yoga wall to be more precise.  Depending on how you use the Wall, poses can be modified to be easier or more challenging than when doing the pose away from the Wall. 

What Are The Benefits of a Yoga Wall?

The Great Yoga Wall notes the following benefits of practicing on the yoga wall where gravity can be appreciated and utilized:

☼ Builds strength in both the large and small muscle groups ☼ Aides in the ability to access various muscle groups in poses they are not yet able to achieve on the mat

☼ Offers many therapeutic benefits helping individuals heal from athletic injuries, arthritis, degenerative disc disease, and Sciatica

☼ Can be used as a work-out tool to aid competitive athletes in cross-training and preparation for competitions

☼ Allows one to do hundreds of poses

☼ Can help students work through fear, build confidence, etc., so that they are able to take what they’ve learned on the Yoga Wall, to their mats and into their daily lives

☼ Uses specific postures and positioning, movement and breath, awareness to lengthen and strengthen the body

☼ Allows standing postures, forward and back bends, arm balances, twists and inversions

☼ Helps us feel great after doing yoga, because it is a balanced physical practice designed to open the spine in every direction. Students always comment on how much taller they feel after class

Yoga Class Warrior 3 Pose with Yoga Wall Bar

See The Yoga Wall In Action!

Just as a good yoga teacher can help you develop further in a yoga pose, so too can experiencing yoga in near weightless state by using the yoga wall! And an environment with a great yoga wall instructor and an expanse of yoga wall together creates phenomenal opportunities for development in your yoga practice!