Frequently-Asked Questions

We want you to feel comfortable from the very first moment. Below you'll find common questions and answers plus yoga etiquette tips that ensure a positive, peaceful and uplifting class experience for you and your fellow students.

General Questions

What are yoga's benefits?

People who practice yoga consistently say that it:

  • Relieves stress
  • Reduces muscle and joint pain
  • Improves head-to-toe strength and flexibility
  • Improves balance and posture to maintain a healthy spine
  • Increases energy
  • Helps you find peace and serenity in the midst of everyday life

Is yoga compatible with my spiritual beliefs?

Yes. Yoga is not a religion. It is a collection of techniques designed to develop health and well-being. It is compatible with everyone's beliefs.

Do I have to learn foreign terms?

Not unless you want to. Our instructors use both English and traditional Sanskrit terms for yoga poses.

What type of yoga does Sunrise teach?

We teach alignment-based yoga, also called "hatha yoga," which simply means we teach yoga's physical form. We blend several styles of hatha yoga and each instructor has a distinctive approach. All of our classes emphasize body alignment, breathing and relaxation techniques, and meditation.

We do not teach "hot yoga." Our studio temperature is similar to your home's temperature.

At no charge, we provide yoga props like bolsters, straps, blocks, blankets and sandbags. Props provide physical support so that each student can practice poses as fully as they wish. These yoga aids were first introduced by B.K.S. Iyengar to help students practice poses that they might not have otherwise been able to do.

We also include the values of yoga in our practice, including compassion, integrity and non-harming.

What if I have health concerns?

Before class, mention any pre-existing conditions or injuries to your instructor so that they can help you modify poses.

Our class descriptions can help you learn about the kinds of classes we offer, and our staff is very happy to consult with on the best class to start with.

If you're new to yoga, or haven't practiced in many years, any of the following classes are good starting points: All-Levels Yoga, Level 1 Yoga, Chair Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Back Care Yoga and Restorative Yoga.

Pregnant students are welcome to attend Level 1 Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Chair Yoga, All Levels and Back Care classes. All Sunrise teachers are well-trained in working with pregnant students. We do recommend receiving your doctor's approval before your first class. Please let your yoga teacher know that you're pregnant prior to class.

If you have other health considerations, please talk to us about your concerns. We also ask that you get your doctor's approval before your first class.

All of our teachers are trained to work with a variety of student concerns. We have worked successfully with many different situations. Some of our classes are specifically designed for students with physical limitations or health concerns. 

You may also want to consider a private yoga session prior to attending your first class.

Can I watch a class before I sign up?

We generally do not permit spectators because it can be distracting and disruptive for our students.

However, our New Student Special offers 30 days of unlimited yoga for only $30.

Another option is to pay the drop-in rate or purchase a class card, if you're interested in trying a specific class.

We also encourage you to visit the studio or contact us with any questions. We're here to help!

Does Sunrise offer childcare?

In general, our classes are only for people over age 15.

We do not offer childcare and cannot allow children to wait in the lobby during class due to space limitations and lack of supervision.

For children aged 12-15, feel free to contact us to discuss your child's situation and maturity.

We also occasionally offer special classes just for kids and families where children of all ages are welcome.

Yoga Etiquette

What are the "unwritten rules" of yoga?

Please be mindful of other students' mats: step over or around them.

As class fills up, please make space for other students as they arrive.

Yoga is not competitive!  You don’t need to “keep up” with anyone else or try to look like another student.

At the end of class, please return any props neatly to the prop closet.

Getting Ready for Class

Can I start at any time?

Yes. You're welcome to start any of our regular classes at any time. You won't have missed out on anything covered in a prior class.

If you have prior yoga experience and aren't sure which class to take, get in touch and we'll help you find the class that's right for you.

If you're brand-new to yoga, any session of the following classes is a great place to start:

  • Level 1 Yoga
  • Chair Yoga
  • Gentle Yoga
  • All-Levels Yoga
  • Quieting The Mind Restorative Yoga
  • Back Care classes

Do I have to commit to a specific day and time each week?

No. You're welcome to attend any classes that are appropriate to your yoga experience level.

All of our class cards and our monthly unlimited membership can be used for any of our regularly-scheduled classes, other than "series" classes.

Purchase a class card or unlimited membership online.

Do I need to sign up in advance for the class I want to take?

You don't HAVE to sign up in advance, but we highly recommend it. Our classes do fill up and we don't want you to show up for class only to be disappointed.

Signing up online for your class or via our app is the easiest method for most students.

If you're new, you can still sign up online. You're also welcome to sign up for your next class when you show up for your first class. Just make sure you arrive 10 minutes early so you can complete your sign-up process without missing any class.

NOTE: Yoga Wall classes are limited in size, so it's especially important to sign up in advance to avoid disappointment!

What should I wear?

Wear modest clothing that allows for easy movement. T-shirts, tank tops, workout pants, workout shorts, and leggings are all appropriate.

Formfitting or skin-tight clothing is definitely not necessary.

Bare feet are essential for the practice of yoga. Store your shoes in the space provided in the lobby.

Please don't wear perfume, cologne, or scented lotions.

Should I eat before class?

We recommend that you have an empty stomach or eat only a light snack within 2 hours before your class starts.

What time should I show up? What if I'm early or late?

The studio opens 15 minutes before your class starts.

Please arrive on time. We may lock the front door when class starts.

If you arrive early, feel free to rest or practice in the studio.

If you're less than 10 minutes late, the Sunrise staff will let you know when you can enter the classroom. If no one is at the front desk, we'll lock the front door at the start of class.

How will I know if a class is canceled due to bad weather?

We make cancellation decisions at least two hours prior to the scheduled start time for class.

We post cancellation and weather announcements on the studio's voicemail announcement, our website, our phone app, and our Facebook business page.

What's your cellphone policy?

No cellphones in the classroom area, please. Store them in the lobby.

If you wear an Apple Watch or fitness tracker that has audible notifications, place it in airplane mode or leave it in the lobby before class starts.