Yoga Class Descriptions

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We've grouped our class descriptions into five categories to help you decide where to start.

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New/Beginner or Returning to Yoga

level 1 yoga

Level 1 Yoga

For Beginners or Restarting Your Practice

Perfect if you're brand-new to yoga or want to get back to basics if you haven't practiced yoga in many years. Emphasizes poses that align, strengthen and promote your body's flexibility. Includes breathing techniques and meditation. Emphasizes student understanding, safety and stability within each pose.


All Levels Yoga

Seasoned Beginner through Advanced

This class combines movement and breathing techniques. Ideal for seasoned beginners as well as more advanced students. Your teacher tailors modifications and gentle individual feedback to each student's ability.

gentle yoga

Gentle Yoga

For Beginners

Restful and calming class offers breathing exercises, gentle flowing movements, and passive and supported poses. Slower-paced classes are shorter than Level 1 Yoga classes.  Well-suited if you prefer a softer, gentler approach or have an injury or limited mobility.

Intermediate & Advanced Classes

yoga wall

Yoga Wall Class

Requires 3+ months of Level 1 Yoga or above.

Meet our yoga playground! Practice basic poses more confidently and progress to standing poses, back bends, forward bends, inversions & more. Our Yoga Walls use semi-suspension and natural gravity to help you increase your flexibility, open the spine and deepen poses while recruiting otherwise disengaged muscles and reducing pressure on certain parts of the body. Limited class size. Reserve your spot online or in our app.


Level 2 Yoga

Requires 3+ months of Level 1 Yoga

While still focusing on yoga foundations, this class includes postures, transitions between poses, and yoga techniques that require more awareness. It introduces more challenging poses and also introduces more Sanskrit terminology.

Level 2 Flow Yoga

Requires 3+ months of Level 1 Yoga

Flow yoga incorporates faster-paced more aerobic movements linked together with the breath. A more dynamic physical practice that uses fluid movements and strong alignment to  build deep muscular strength and endurance while staying connected to your breathing.

level 3

Level 3 Yoga

Requires 12+ months of Level 2 Yoga

Explore more advanced movements, including variations of the poses you learned in Levels 1 & 2, plus new, more challenging poses including inversions, arm balances and strength-based poses. This class uses only the Sanskrit name of each pose.

Health or Mobility Concerns

back care yoga

Back Care Yoga

Suitable for anyone

Learn yoga poses specifically selected to help prevent and improve chronic back pain. You'll strengthen your posture and alignment of the neck and spine, relieve tight muscles and improve shoulder, back and hip flexibility.

chair yoga

Chair Yoga

For Anyone Seeking Safe Seated Movement

Experience deep rhythmic breathing and simple stretches in a safe, comfortable seated position that helps you strengthen muscles and joints, increase your range of motion and flexibility, and relieve stress. Your instructor helps you adjust each stretch based on your individual comfort level. Classes include optional supported standing and floor variations. Easily incorporates use of a walker, cane or wheelchair. Also a good class choice if you wish to avoid extended standing or getting up/down from the floor.

gentle yoga

Gentle Yoga

Beginners With Mobility Concerns

Restful and calming class offers breathing exercises, gentle flowing movements, and passive and supported poses. Slower-paced classes are shorter than Level 1 Yoga classes.  Well-suited to students new to yoga who are dealing with injury or limited mobility.

Quieting The Mind With Yoga

Suitable for everyone

A different restorative yoga topic and instructor every week, announced one month in advance.

January Classes:

Reduce stress with a calming practice that can lead to a deeper rest afterwards.

1/24 - Meditating with a Mala w/ Karen.

Mala beads are a wonderful tool to quiet your mind. Learn how to use them for meditation. Bring your mala if you have one. Extra malas will be available to use.

1/31 - Feeling Stressed? Get Grounded w/ Karen.

This gentle class is designed to relive stress & anxiety, quiet down your nervous system and enable you to find your center. If you have a weighted blanket, please bring it to class (this is not required).

Private Yoga Classes & Yoga Therapy

An Introduction to One-on-One Yoga


Private Yoga Classes

Suitable for everyone

Plan private one-on-one classes with a Sunrise yoga teacher, at our studio or another location, tailored to your interests, health issues and schedule, and free of the distractions of a group class.

Contact us to plan your private class.


1-on-1 Yoga Therapy

Suitable for everyone

Work one-on-one with Sunrise founder Valerie Kiser, E-RYT 500, certified yoga therapist since 2007 and co-founder of East Coast Yoga Therapy, among the first 30 yoga therapy programs worldwide to be accredited.

Valerie's clients have found that yoga therapy is an important self-care option for conditions like IBS, anxiety, cerebral palsy, low back pain, depression, pelvic floor pain and fibromyalgia, using yogic principles of  movement, alignment, breathing, meditation, conscious relaxation and more.

Contact us to plan your yoga therapy program.